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Post  Matthewkind on Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:52 pm

Name: Krauss Itsuki.

Alias: Quiz.

Age: 16.

Sex: (M or F) Male.

Weapon of choice: He doesn't use weapons. Therefore, there is no weapon of choice. Furthermore, his ideals forbid him from using such barbaric tools.

Apperance: Krauss Itsuki is a sixteen year old boy, as was aforemeantioned. His has short, messy brown hair that covers his eyes most of the time. His eyes are light-blue. His build is very slender, not at all muscular. He's also quite tall. Probably around five feet, eleven inches. He usually wears a large hoody that is obviously not his size. The hoody is light-brown. He also wears skin-tight black jeans. He is far from the current fashion.

Facial Hair: He has none.

Hair Style: Errm. Previously covered. Very Happy

Hair Color: Once again, previously covered. Very Happy

Eye Color: You people don't listen. Previously covered! >Sad

Body Description:(Nothing vulgar)

Tatooes/Scars: Umm. None.

Drinker?: No.

Smoker?: No.

Game Info

Role in-game that is your favorite: Well, I believe that my current favorite role-play would have to be with my characers locked in a battle of wits with a formiddable opponent. However, since most idiots inhabit these types of BYOND games, I doubt my character will actually get this chance. I also enjoy games of chess through roleplay.

Favorite Game Mode: Normal Death Note Mode. (I would know, since I'm a main programmer.)

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